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Tour to Cusco - Cloud Forest - Boca Manu - Cocha Salvador - Manu Wildlife -
Macaw Clay Lick - Cusco


Tour Summary


Tour Details
Duration: 7 days / 6 nights Parque Nacional del Manu, Cock of the Rock Lodge, Tours en Manu, Tours en Perú
Price: From US$ 1 395 per Person
Starting point: Cusco (Departure by bus)
Ending point: Cusco (Return on a small airplane)
Activities : Birdwatching, ecological, cultural, wildlife viewing and hiking
Fixed Departures: Every Thursdays in the Mornings

Tour Description

All our programmes can be tailor made according to your requirements, whether regarding the length of your tour, any special interests or specific activities, flight reservations, optional destinations or tours.

DAY 01: Cusco / Cloud Forest
Early morning Ninamarca ruins - Manu Tour - Peru Toursdeparture in our vehicles towards the Cloud Forest of the Manu National Park. On the way we will pass through typical Andean villages where it will be possible to see some pre Inca ruins. We will make a stop over in the Village of Ajanaco for a delicious lunch and then we will continue on towards the Lodge. During the trip we can appreciate the different ecological floors from the high Andes downwards to the Cloud Forest, where it is possible to find a great variety of plants and wild life. Overnight in the Cock of the Rock Lodge.

Meals: Lunch and Dinner

DAY 02: Cloud Forest / Boca Manu River Mouth Port
We will wake up very early in the morning and go to a place, where, from a platform hide we will be able to appreciate a magnificent natural show, the lek of the most typical of Peruvian birds the so called “Gallito de las Rocas" or Cock of the Rock ( Rupícola Peruviana), a mating dance carried out by the males to impress the females, and where his fantastic and colourful feathers stands out, like some kind of a bird from paradise. Afterwards we will explore the surrounding forest trails, with the possibility to appreciate many varieties of birds and monkey species and, if we are lucky, a Spectacled Bear. We will continue in our vehicles for about two and a half hours until we reach the Town of Atalaya where we will board the boat that will take us down stream the Upper Alto Madre de Dios River until we reach the River Mouth Port of Boca Manu where we will stay overnight in a rustic Lodge.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

DAY 03: Boca Manu River Mouth Port / Manu National Park
Salvador lake - Manu  Tour - Peru ToursWe will get up very early in the morning to explore the surroundings. After that we will board our out board engine powered canoes and navigate the Manu River during approximately five hours until we reach the Wild Life Tented Camp located close to the El Salvador Lake. We will make a stop over at the Park Guard Station in order to register our entrance to this important Reserved Area. On the way we will be able to observe a great variety of birds, capybaras, caiman and if we are lucky a jaguar. After settling into our rooms, we will make a wild life walk along the trails and look for frogs and insects.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

DAY 04: Cocha Salvador Oxbow Lake
Madre de Dios river - Manu Tour - Peru ToursToday we will spend the day on the Oxbow Lake of Cocha Salvador where we will board a canoe or catamaran to observe a great number of bird species and also the playful and charismatic giant river otters, a species in danger of extinction. After that we will walk along the trails going through different types of forest to observe the many species of monkeys that live in the Manu.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

DAY 05: Manu Wildlife Center
Early in the morning we will board our boats to go towards the Manu Wildlife Center Lodge. Once there we will explore the Community of Boca Manu River Mouth Port where many people work in the timber trade by collecting the drift wood that comes floating down the river. Tapir - Manu Tour - Peru ToursIn the afternoon, after lunch, we will explore some of the over thirty kilometres of trails that can be found around the lodge and where it will be possible to sight some of the 12 species of monkeys that exist in the area. After dinner, we will visit the famous Collpa de Tapires or Tapir Clay Lick a walk of approximately an hour along the trails. During the walk we will hear the night sounds of frogs and insects, particularly active by night. At the Tapir Clay Lick we will find a platform especially built to be able to observe these curious animals, after the jaguar, the largest land mammals of South America, which visit the Collpa Clay Lick to be able to find some of the minerals that are scarce elsewhere in their normal environment.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

DAY 06: Collpa de Guacamayos - Macaw Clay Lick
Today we will get up before dawn to visit the only and largest Macaw and Parrot Collpa Clay Lick in the area of Manu. We will conceal ourselves in an especially built so called blind from where we will be able to observe and take pictures of the literally hundreds of macaws, both small ones as well as the larger species including the Red and Greens that come down to feed off the Collpa Clay Lick.
During the months of May, June July the activity at the Collpa Clay Lick slows down to peak in the months of August and September. In the afternoon, after lunch, we will visit one of the two lakes that exist in the area, where we will find a great diversity of species of birds, including the locally so called Shansho or Hoatzin, a primitive and almost pre historic bird. We will also have a chance to observe the Giant River Otters (Pteronura brasilensis) the largest otter in the world with almost two metres of length, including the tail. After dinner there will be a second opportunity to pay a visit to the Tapir Collpa Clay Lick.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

DAY 07: Manu Wildlife Center / Boca Manu River Mouth / Cusco
After breakfast we will navigate on the Manu River until we arrive to the Boca Manu Aerodrome to board the small aircraft that will fly us back to Cusco. Upon arrival you will be transferred to your hotel.

Meals: Breakfast

End of our services

View The Cock of the Rock Lodge

Tour Inclusions

  • One night’s accommodations in the Cock of the Rock Lodge
  • One night’s accommodations in the Boca Manu Lodge
  • Two nights’ accommodations in the Manu Wildlife Tented Camp.
  • Two nights’ accommodations in the Manu Wildlife Center
  • Land Transport in Overland Vehicles or Four Wheel Drives, River Transport in our own Fleet of Out Board Engine Powered and Roofed Canoes
  • Small Aircraft Flight from Boca Manu to Cusco
  • All applicable taxes
  • Entrance Permits to the Parque Nacional del Manu National Park
  • Bilingual Guides Spanish / English
  • All Meals with Vegetarian Options (Please Indicate when Booking)
Note: Due to the constant changes in the nature of the Peruvian Rain Forest, some of the daily programmed activities may change depending on local weather and other conditions.

  • International and Domestic Flights (Except Boca Manu to Cusco mentioned above)
  • Airport Taxes (US $30.25 for International Flights and US$6.05 for Domestic Flights)
  • Excess Luggage
  • Alcoholic Drinks, Sodas or Bottled Mineral Waters.
  • Personal Expenditures
  • Tips
  • Personal National or International Phone Calls
  • Airport Tax Cusco - Boca Manu - Cusco US$ 18.00
  • Local Tax in Cusco $ 5.00

Useful Information

The Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge, located at 5000-feet elevation in the Kosñipata Valley, 165 kilometres by road from Cusco, and situated within the 10 000 acre Cloud Forest Reserve of the Conservation Group Selva Sur, has 14 double-occupancy rooms, hot showers, flush toilets and a rustic dining room, shared bathrooms(03) are located 15 meters from the rooms.

And just a 7-minute walk from the Lodge is the world's largest, most accessible and tamest known group of displaying Andean Cocks-of-the-Rock at a local Lek.

In just 8 hours by bus from Cusco it is possible to relax in the rustic comfort of the Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge, from which you can explore the valley and the narrow, switchback road that the world's leading bird tour company has called "the best road in the world".

- Use boots the whole time during the walks.
- Drink a lot of liquid during your stay in the forest.
- Keep a kit of dry clothes in your room.

- Warm clothing in case of a cold front (Sweaters and a jacket).
- 100% Waterproof rain wear (long poncho).
- Long sleeved shirts and long pants (cotton).
- Enough insect repellent.
- Sunscreen lotion, wide brim hat (for sunny days).
- One or two pairs of sneakers.
- One pair of lightweight ankle height boots and sandals.
- Flashlight, enough batteries (alkaline) and bulbs.
- Binoculars.
- Sun glasses.
- Plastic bags.
- Towel.
- Swimwear.
- Personal medicines and/or supplies (liquid for contact lenses, for example).
- Day pack, and one back pack or duffel bag of luggage per person.
- Camera and film ASA 200 and 400 for inside the forest.

Climate can be described in general as warm and humid, with temperatures that generally fluctuate between 16º and 33º centigrade. But from June until September some days with temperatures as low as 7º C can be expected.

Rainy season: November to April.
Dry season: May to September.

During the rainy months of November through April, always be prepared for heavy rain that can continue for hours or days. Around 80% of the annual average 2000 mm rainfall occurs during these months.

Cusco City: 3,360 m.a.s.l.
Manu: 365 m.a.s.l.

Restaurants During Your Trip
In Cusco: International, vegetarian and local food restaurants.
In Manu: All meals will be provided by the lodge.

... more about Cusco restaurants