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Deluxe journey to Machu Picchu and Galapagos Islands

Tour Summary


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Duration: 13 days / 12 nights
Tour Type: Cultural, archaeological, adventure and nature.
Departures for this program are on Thursdays, subject to modifications based on the departure of the Galapagos Explorer II Cruiser, which sets sail on Wednesdays only.

Tour Description

DAY 01: Thursday, international arrival in Lima
At your arrival you will be welcomed by an Enjoy Peru agent, who will transfer you up to the exclusive Miraflores Park Hotel 5* of the Orient – Express chain, where you will have an elegant suite with a privileged view of the Pacific Ocean, the same ocean where we will be watching the exotic beauty of the Galapagos Islands in a few days time.

DAY 02: Friday, City of Cusco and Visit to Inca archaeological sites
Buffet breakfast. In the morning transfer to the airport to take a plane bound for Cusco. At your arrival, our representative will transfer you to the beautiful and historic Hotel Monasterio 5* of the Orient Express chain.

This magnificent precinct, declared Historic Monument, is located on the grounds of what once was the Palace of the Inca Amaru Qhala, where in the late XVI century was built the San Antonio de Abad Seminary. That is why you will be able to sense in this hotel an atmosphere of solemnity combined with the luxury, elegance and comfort of a modern 5* hotel.

You will have the rest of the morning off to rest and acclimatize. After tasting a light lunch in the hotel’s restaurant, we will know the City of Cusco, visiting the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral and the Temple of the Sun or Korikancha. The tour continues on the city’s outskirts to visit the Incan archaeological sites of Kenko, Tambomachay, Puca Pucara and the impressive Fortress of Sacsayhuaman.

In the night you will be able to choose a restaurant of for preference. Means of transportation at your disposal.

DAY 03: Saturday, Citadel of Machu Picchu
Buffet breakfast. On this day we will visit the majestic Citadel of Machu Picchu. You will be transferred to the Train Station of Poroy to set off at 9.00 am on an unforgettable trip across the Sacred Valley, watching unmatchable landscapes and microclimates proper of the Andes and the forest brow.

We will enjoy this journey, catalogued as one of the most spectacular in the world, on the luxurious and comfortable Hiram Bingham Train, where you will be served an exquisite brunch. A tourist guide will tell us about the most interesting sites along the way. Arriving in Aguas Calientes, closest town to Machu Picchu, we will take a tour to the citadel with a specialized guide, walking along the same places walked by the Incas.

During this approximately 3-hour long tour, we will appreciate the advanced architectonic level achieved by the Inca people, as well as the water canals, the flights of stairs carved in the rock, the Intihuatana or sundial, the Royal Tomb, the House of the Priest, the Temple of the Three Windows and the Baths of the Inca. We will enjoy lunch at the Tinkuy Restaurant in the Sanctuary Lodge, located at the Incan citadel’s entrance, and before leaving we will get pleasure from a delicious teatime.

At 6:00 pm we will board again the Hiram Bingham Train to return to Cusco; on the way we will be offered aperitifs, live artistic entertainment and a sumptuous dinner consisting on 4 dishes. Our representative will be waiting for you at the Train Station of Poroy to transfer you to the hotel. We suggest you rest in the hotel in order to regain your energies and relax.

Note: The Hiram Bingham Train runs Mondays through Saturdays.

DAY 04: Sunday, Sacred Valley of the Incas
Guided tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, we will visit the archaeological site of Pisac and its famous marketplace, where a great variety of Andean handicraft is offered. We will have lunch in the nice and comfortable Hacienda Huayoccari, property of an outstanding local family. At the hacienda we can appreciate exhibitions of textile art from Cusco, enjoy cocktails in the garden and taste an exquisite lunch.

In the afternoon we will continue our tour towards the archaeological complex of Ollantaytambo going across the Towns of Calca and Urubamba. Return to your hotel in Cusco. We suggest you take a walk through the Plaza Mayor and try the wonderful food that is offered in the diverse restaurants jutting out in Cusco. Means of transportation at your disposal for dinner in the restaurant of your choice.

Optional: Visit to the Seminario pottery workshop

We will go and visit the workshop and exhibition place of artist and pre Incan pottery techniques investigator, Pablo Seminario, whose pieces are exhibited in renowned galleries in Cusco and abroad. His wife and other local artist will introduce us in an infinite atmosphere of symbols and gods materialized in clay, in the shape of murals, utensils, utilitarian objects and adornments. You will have the chance to acquire a souvenir if you wish to.

DAY 05: Monday, Cusco – City tour in Lima
Buffet breakfast. In the morning and in due time you will be transferred to the airport to catch your returning flight to Lima. You will have a room at your disposition until your international departure at the Orient Express Miraflores Park Hotel 5*.

We will visit Lima “City of the Kings” on this day, and we will know its most representative attractions such as the Historic Center of Lima; there we will enjoy a panoramic view of the Plaza San Martin, the Plaza Mayor, the Palace of Government, the Basilica Cathedral, the Archiepiscopal Palace, the Municipal Palace, the Church of Santo Domingo, etc.

If you wish to, we will visit the catacombs of the Convent of San Francisco to go through some of its passageways and place ourselves under the central nave of this beautiful church of renaissance and baroque styles. Then we will visit the residential neighborhoods of San Isidro and Miraflores, being able to visit one of the two most representative Huacas of the Lima Culture, the Huaca Pucllana and the Huaca Huallamarca, both located in the midst of urban zones, thus contrasting the pre Colombian heritage with the modern world.

Later we will visit El Olivar (The Olive-Grove) in San Isidro, named after the representative number of olive trees, brought out from Spain during the XVI century, it has. Besides, we will visit Miraflores’ Central Park and the commercial, tourist and entertainment center of Larcomar, privileged spot to appreciate a spectacular panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. We can also appreciate a show room with objects representative of Peru’s Gold Museum in this place.

Here we will appreciate works made of gold and silver that show the advanced development achieved by the pre Hispanic civilizations in the field of metallurgy. The outstanding skillfulness of the Peruvian artisan with their impeccable goldsmith work, where they achieved things that would require laminators nowadays with a stone hammer, juts out in this exhibition, showing the timeless soundness of the of the millenarian Andean cosmovision.

After lunch at your restaurant of choice you will have the chance to make an optional visit to a private museum, such as the Pedro de Osma Museum or the Amano Museum; or to visit some shops offering alpaca products or silver jewelry.

For this last option we will visit the commercial center of Larcomar, where we will show the most select jewelry shops displaying gold and silver jewels, besides garments made of fine vicuña and alpaca wool. If you feel like you can purchase an exclusive replica of a fine jewel of the Inca elite or show off a garment made of vicuña, whose fiber is the finest in the world.

Return to the hotel. Transportation at your disposal to have dinner at the restaurant of your choice.

DAY 06: Tuesday, Lima - Quito
In due time you will be transferred to the airport for your international flight bound for Quito. At your arrival in this city a representative of our agency will take you to the Hotel Plaza Grande 5*, where you will have a comfortable suite at your disposition. During your stay in this hotel you will be able to enjoy its energetic and relaxing tub baths.

    Armay Tuta Bath
    It is realized in commemoration of the Festival of the Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun by the Kichwa people) to acquire courage, resistance and strength, allowing the water to be the means to achieve the integration of man with mother earth and obtain a harmonious and transcendent connection during the entire following year, besides casting out bad luck or curses cast upon people and keeping them in good health. Enjoy the mineral salts, bath foam, aromatic candles and natural apple juice with Aloe Vera.

    Inty Bath
    While enjoying the finest fine Ecuadorian chocolate you will be able to stimulate your five senses and free your mind in a romantic and comfortable environment, created by the candlelight, relaxing essential oils, aromatic vanilla candles and a bottle of champagne.

    Sisay Bath
    Ecuador proudly cultivates the finest roses in the world, the same that will adorn this delicious bath. Besides the roses, it includes aromatic essences, exfoliating gloves and sweetened petals, all accompanied by our drink of the house “Quitum‘bame”.
    In the night you will have luxurious means of transportation to take you to your restaurant of choice.

DAY 07: Wednesday: Quito – Galapagos – Cerro Dragon
Transfer to the airport of Quito for your flight bound for Galapagos. From the airport of either San Cristobal or Baltra, you will be transferred to the port to get on board the Galapagos Explorer II on a 5-day journey where you will know the varied flora and fauna endemic to the Galapagos, which varies according to the natural environment of each island.

This cruise has the necessary installations for an adequate interpretation environment of the Galapagos Islands; moreover, its accommodations and personalized services guarantee a great experience onboard. We will have an orientation briefing at the Piano Bar regarding the cruise’s regulations and those of the Galapagos National Park. After a couple of hours navigating we will set foot on dry land in Cerro Dragon; during the walking tour we will watch flamingos and land iguanas.

This activity has a medium level of difficulty. In the night, the captain, the officers, naturalists and the entire crewmembers will give you an official welcome with a cocktail in the main salon. Diner at the restaurant and then a briefing regarding Thursday’s activities in the Naturalist Room.

DAY 08: Thursday, Galapagos: Bartholomew and Santiago Islands
After having a buffet breakfast at the restaurant we will come ashore on Bartholomew Island. We will set off on an approximately two-hour long trek where we will watch the fauna characteristic to this island. This activity has a high difficulty level. Then we will get wet and enjoy the beach, where those who wish can practice snorkeling. At noon we will have a buffet lunch at the restaurant while the cruise continues her course bound for Santiago Island.

We will have a dampish coming ashore on Puerto Egas, a beach of black sand with rock formations eroded on the bottom; we will go on a medium-difficulty trek watching a variety of invertebrate organisms, as well as sea lions. Puerto Egas is one of the few places on the islands where sea lions can be seen, besides being an outstanding place for taking pictures.

After our tour we will have time off at the beach. Back on board we will have a briefing in the Naturalist Room regarding Friday’s activities. Lastly, diner at the restaurant.

DAY 09: Friday, Galapagos: Fernandina and Isabella Islands
Buffet breakfast at the restaurant and coming ashore in Punta Espinosa, on Fernandina Island, which is the youngest and westernmost island in the Galapagos. We will take a two-hour hike of medium difficulty level. Following a pathway that goes inland we can watch and compare two different types of lava flows.

On the tip of one of these small peninsulas we will find cormorants, incapable of flying and suited for swimming. After that we will take a tour on a small motorboat. Back on board we will watch the marine life from the cruise while one of our guides teaches us more about their kind in the Galapagos.
At noon buffet lunch at the restaurant.

Optional: Opportunity to practice snorkeling from the motorboat

After a dampish coming ashore we will reach Isabella Island, the largest of the Galapagos Islands, composed of six volcanoes interlocked in a single region. The Lobo Volcano is also the highest point in the archipelago; here we will watch the fauna proper of this island.

Once back on board, at 18:40 hours, we will celebrate the crossing of the Equatorial Line. In the night diner at the restaurant.

DAY 10: Saturday, Galapagos: Seymour and Santa Cruz Islands
Buffet breakfast at the restaurant and coming ashore on North Seymour Island. It is a flat small island that has a large sandy prolongation where the sea lions and the sea iguanas pass the time in close proximity to the waves. There is a wood with of plants such as Palo Santo and Opuntia cacti inland, besides magnificent colonies of frigate birds and blue-feet brown boobies. We will also watch coral reefs and fossils along the way.

Optional: Snorkeling from the motorboat, where we will appreciate angel fish, surgery fish, sergeant major fish, sea lions and starfish, among others.

Lunch at noon at the pier of the Itabaca Canal, on Santa Cruz Island. We will take a bus for 45 minutes to get to the ecological preserve for turtles called “Primicias” and the “Lava Tunnel”. We will be able to appreciate that most of the trees have been introduced by the ranchers. Return on board. In the night we will have a farewell cocktail and diner at the restaurant.

DAY 11: Sunday, Galapagos: San Cristobal
Buffet breakfast at the restaurant. We will set foot on dry land to visit Baquerizo Moreno Port on San Cristobal Island. Visit to the interpretation center and the town. Time off to go shopping, in view that along the main street you will find shops and restaurants with very interesting products and produces.

In due time a representative will take you to the airport for your returning flight to Quito. At your arrival you will have transportation at your disposal to go for diner at the restaurant of your choosing. Transfer to your hotel.

DAY 12: Monday, Quito – City Tour and Medio Mundo
After breakfast we will take you to visit the most representative places within the city. We will begin at the Church of Guapulo, The Company with its altars made of gold, the Monastery of San Francisco, the Cathedral and the Presidential Palace.

We will visit El Panecillo Hill with its statue of Virgin Mary, where we can appreciate an entire view of the city. Then we will visit the Equatorial Monument, where you will be standing on the equatorial line, exactly in the middle of the world.

Later you will enjoy a typical lunch with tastes and produces from all over the country, be it from the Andes or tropical, from empanadas to cebiche, from pork cooked in an ancient way to corvine, from avocado to palmito and desserts, such as pan ice cream.

We will be choosing El Crater Restaurant for this typical lunch. Its architectonic design and strategic location on the edge of the Pululahua Volcano’s crater make of this restaurant a vantage point with a 360º visibility, which allows you to fully enjoy the exterior scenery. In the night you will have transportation at your disposal to go for diner at the restaurant of your choosing. Overnight in your hotel.

DAY 13: Tuesday, Quito – International departure
On this last day of your trip we will continue to serve you with all of our courtesy to make of this one of your most memorable experiences, worthy of being repeated more than once in your lifetime. In due time we will transfer you to the airport for you to take your international flight.

End of our services.

Tour Inclusions


  • 2 nights at the Orient - Express Miraflores Park 5* Hotel in a Junior Suite with a view of the ocean in Lima
  • 3 nights at the Orient - Express Monasterio 5* Hotel in a Junior Suite in Cusco
  • Optional Tours to the Pedro de Osma or the Amano Museums, silverwork or handicraft’s shops
  • Flights Lima / Cusco / Lima. All rates are per person and subject to variation
  • 03 nights at the Plaza Grande 5* Hotel in a Plaza View Suite
  • 04 nights aboard the Galapagos Explorer II Cruise in a Renaissance Suite with all meals
    • Wetsuit and full snorkeling gear
    • Leave to enter Galapagos National Park
  • Flights Quito / Galapagos / Quito. The airport of San Cristobal can be switched for the airport of Baltra, being the rates per person and susceptible to modification
Other inclusions:
  • On the tours across the Sacred Valley, Lima and Quito, we will have different fruits, snacks, and various beverages in the vehicle, as well as champagne
  • All transfers indicated in the itinerary
  • Leave to go on all the excursions mentioned
  • Professional guides for the tours
  • Airport taxes for national and international departures in both countries
  • Access to the VIP Room at the airport in Lima
  • International flights - Quito – Lima, from US$ 509.25 approximately
  • Meals not mentioned in the program, such as diners, except on the fourth day
  • Payments for excess of luggage
  • Personal national and international calls
  • Tips to guides and crewmembers on the cruise
  • Personal expenses (laundry, handicrafts, alcoholic beverages, etcetera).
  • Travel insurance

Useful Information

- Use comfortable shoes the whole time during walking tours.
- Take lots of liquids during long excursions.

- Hiking boots, sneakers and shoes.
- Long pants or slacks.
- Long-sleeved shirts.
- T-shirts.
- Sweaters and a jacket.
- Rain wear for rainy season.
- Camera.
- Insect Repellent.
- Personal toilet items and first-aid kit.
- Medicine to arrest or prevent the so called ”Soroche” or altitude sickness.
  Please consult your physician what medicine is best suited for your organism.

Peru's climate may be divided into two: The Western Andes and the Desert Coast. On the Coast, it does not rain and the temperature is warm through the year. On the other hand, in the Andes, there are two seasons: Rainy and dry.

Cusco is located in the Eastern Andes, so their rainy season is from October to May, the rest of the year it is dry.

Rainy time, starting in October/ November has its own maximum in January, continuing until March/ April. In years of pouring rain there are landslides, floods, etc.

On the highlands, it is cold in the evenings but sunny and warm in the mornings. It is even possible to wear t-shirts, but when the sun sets it gets really chilly so please bring a warm sweater (or buy an alpaca one in Cusco) and a good jacket.

Finally, the weather in general does not represent a limit to provide any tourist services, except during some particularily bad years.

Lima: Sea level, 54 m.a.s.l.
Nazca: 588 m.a.s.l.
Paracas: Sea level, 5 m.a.s.l.
Cusco: 3360 m.a.s.l.
Machu Picchu: 2400 m.a.s.l.
Urubamba Valley: 2850 m.a.s.l.

Restaurants during your trip
In Lima: International, vegetarian, local food restaurants and franchises of international fast food chains.
more information
In Cusco: International, vegetarian and local food restaurants.
more information


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