Statement Against Sex Tourism

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Declaration Against Sex Tourism Declaration Against Sex Tourism Declaration Against Sex Tourism Declaration Against Sex Tourism Declaration Against Sex Tourism Declaration Against Sex Tourism
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Framed in our already established understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility, we can infer that there exists a series of consequences derived from poverty that affects a major part of our society.

And when we speak of poverty, we do not only talk about money in the pockets of the people of this country, but also of fiscal coffers in which the bottom is always scraped bare, reason why the budgets for sectors like Justice and Health, but especially Education, are never large enough.

Thus, our country cannot generate opportunities nor a feeling of hope to a large group of our fellow citizens, who live marginalised, only being able to dream about a better future, but dreams degraded by the reality of the dark and ruthless future horizons that our generation offers to them, where principles and values are concepts of very little application in every day life, that is to say, they are not the basis of a way of life.

In this context, one of the serious consequences of this reality is the exchange of sex, by children or adolescents, for money that only allows for a momentary survival. This pitiful situation, which is lived in different places of the planet and in infinity of tourist destinations, is taken advantage of by those who would not give loose reign to their instincts in their own home country.

In this sense, Enjoy Corp, that is to say, all and each one of its members, declare our absolute rejection of sexual tourism under any of the forms that it adopts, thus we are very satisfied to have formalised an alliance with SAVE THE CHILDREN in order to provide diffusion and support to its actions in defence of the child and adolescents.

By reason of the above and
Worried about the importance of giving an impulse to a sustainable development of the tourist activity, based on ethical principles and the respect for the fundamental rights of the local populations, especially of the most vulnerable, as is the case of children and adolescents;

Conscientious of the existence of serious violations of the rights of children and adolescents, which are carried out by the illegal use of modern technologies, basically the Internet, or using with perverse aims the services and facilities that the tourist activity offers; Considering that the exploitation of human beings, in anyone of its forms, especially the sexual one, but especially when it affects children and adolescents, harms the main objectives of the tourist activity constituting a negation of its essence; and

Supported by International Legal Instruments like the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the International Labour Organisation's Convention 182 on the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour; The Stockholm Declaration against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, The United Nations World Tourism Organisation's Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and the Declaration of Yokohama in 2001

We publicly declare:

1. Our Rejection to the sexual commercial exploitation of children and adolescents, being a conduct that injures the fundamental rights of these people and that is essentially totally opposed to the intrinsic objectives of the tourist activity, such as promoting peace, human rights, mutual understanding, respect for all peoples and cultures, and sustainable development.

2. Our Censure of those who make use of the tourist activity and the facilities and services that it offer, to promote, to facilitate or to tolerate, the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. Also, we condemn those who use the new technologies (especially the Internet) to promote, to favour or to facilitate, any form of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

3. The Commitment by the staff of our company, who will act like preventive agents of this problem, having as a superior interest and governing principle the safeguarding of those so exploited. Thus, the staff of the company have been trained in order to assure the protection of children and adolescents, against sexual exploitation or other forms of sexual violence, as well as having the knowledge for the suitable handling of situations of this nature that can be presented to them in the daily exercise of their work..

4. Our Commitment to denounce before the competent authorities all situations of Abuse and/or Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents, which may come up in the context of our activities, as well as all well founded situations on the suspicion of the commission of this practice.

5. That no advertising or communication materials of the company will contain messages or images that promote or provokes, directly or indirectly, the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents, or any other form of sexual violence against the Child. On the contrary, our company is committed to the diffusion of preventive messages on this subject.

6. That the suppliers of our company have taken notice of these ethical guide lines, reason why our company is committed to maintain them as its suppliers as long as their position in this respect concludes in an acceptance of the present ethical guide lines. Also, it will promote and/or inform them regarding the adoption of preventive measures in respect to the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, according to the guide lines delineated by Save the Children.

7. That we will support the actions and measures assumed or suggested by governments, unions, tourism companies, non governmental organizations (NGOs) and International Organisations, against the Sexual Exploitation and other forms of Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents and at the same adopt these same guide lines as part of our company policy.