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Trujillo. Main Square. National University of Trujillo. 15K Trujillo. Historical Center. National Club. 13K Trujillo. Historical Center. Palace of Justice. Inner view. 20K Trujillo. Church on the road to Huanchaco. 18K
Trujillo. Historical Center. Trujillo Cathedral Trujillo. Historical Center. Mansions trujillo Trujillo.Old citadel of Chan Chan. 15K Trujillo.Old citadel of Chan Chan. 16K
Trujillo.Old citadel of Chan Chan. 21K Trujillo.Old citadel of Chan Chan. 21K Trujillo.Huaca de la Luna. 28K Trujillo.Huaca de la Luna. 30K
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Trujillo, in the northern coast of Peru, was founded in 1534 by Don Diego de Almagro, who, on stopping in the valley of the Moche river in his advance toward Pachacamac (Lima), "found the place promising and suitable for founding a city", and named it the same as the Spanish city where conquistador Francisco Pizarro was born.
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