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Cusco. Main Square. Aerial view. 36K Cusco. Main Square.Cathedral. 19K Cusco. Church of Santo Domingo. 18K Cusco. San Blas suburb.Fonts. 22K
Cusco. Religious complex of Koricancha. 26K Cusco. Archeological Complex of Sacsayhuaman. 27K Cusco. Archeological Complex of Sacsayhuaman. 19K Cusco. Main Square. Cathedral. 19K
Cusco. Religious Complex of Koricancha. 20K Cusco. Main square. Night view. 18K Cusco. Archeological Complex of Sacsahuaman. 16K Cusco. Sacred Valley. Typical bell tower. 18K
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Today, the archeological capital of America is a city open to the world, welcoming its visitors who marvel at its unusual aspect, which integrates, in the same urban environment and with unique harmony, pre-Colombian monuments such as the Qorikancha (Temple of the Sun), the Ajlla Wasi, the Amaru Cancha (fence of the serpent), the Kiswar Kancha, etc. with gems of the "mestizaje" (the mix of the Spanish and the native) such as the Cathedral, the Church and Convent of La Merced and the Temple of San Blas.
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