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Lima.Historical Center. Church and Convent of San Francisco. 19K Lima. Main Square. Cathedral. 22K Lima. Historical Center. Church of San Agustin. 37K Cusco. Main Square.Cathedral. 19K
Cusco. Church of Santo Domingo. 18K Cusco. Main Square. Cathedral. 19K Cusco. Cathedral belltower. 16K Cusco. Sacred Valley. Typical bells. 18K
Cusco. Sacred Valley. Typical church. 17K Arequipa. main Square. Cathedral. 14K Trujillo. Church on the road to Huanchaco. 18K Lima. Main Square. Cathedral 18K
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City of churches and cloisters, of towers crowned by crosses stroking the clouds, of parishioners who murmur their prayers and pound their chests in repentance for their sins; where the tolling of bells suggests the calling from heaven.  Other Media: